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Publié : 9 avril 2013

Cornouailles et Devon

Benjamin Gondange a gentiment accepte de partager ses photos, vu nos problemes informatiques. Nous l’en remercions. Cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous :

Photos de Benjamim

Voici le compte rendu des eleves en anglais :

Day 1 : Saturday, April 6th, The trip

We got up very early. We traveled six hours on a coach and five hours on a boat. It was very long. We arrived at ten p.m. and we met our families.

Helene Le Roy, Alison Beaupuis, Pauline Kauffmann et Juliette Picquet.

Day 2 : Sunday, April 7th, Eden Project & Mayflower Museum

We visited 2 bioms in a park near Saint Austell. One was a tropical rainforest and the other one was a mediterranean type. It was amazing !

Clemence Fournier, Sihem Borsali, Claire Sanz, Alexandra Jeremie

We went to the Mayflower Museum in Plymouth. The animation in the museum was very funny because there were puzzles, models, games and videos. The weather was very good.

Mylan Signolet, Etienne Perault et Clemet Besset

Day 3 : Monday, April 8th, Torquay & Bygones

We went to Torquay, the town where Agatha Christie was born. She was born in 1890 and she died in 1976. She was a famous detective story writer. It was very interesting.

Marie Guiblin, Solenn Rivoal et Laura Bourzac

We visited a museum about Victoria’s time in England. It was so interesting and well-made. We liked it so much ! We saw a nursery, a pharmacy, and a sweetshop, old toys and the best, for the end, was the dentist with blood. Finally, we could take pictures with a hat on. After, we went in a coffee shop because we were so cold. We drank hot chocolate and we ate cupcakes. It was very good.

Audrey Mentheour, Aude Poullain et Marion Rettig

Day 4 : Tuesday, April 9th, Tintagel and the Great Hall

This morning, we went to Tintagel Castle, King Arthur’s legendary castle. The landscapes were very beautiful and we learned lots of things about King Arthur. The weather was very good and the sea was very beautiful ; but the castle was in ruins.

Julien Bressac et Gregoire Passard


Le clavier etant un clavier anglais, il n’y a pas d’accents ou autres signes diacritiques. De plus, la place des lettres change ! a = q ; m= ; etc.

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