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Publié : 10 avril 2013

Cornwall and Devon

Day 5 : Wednesday April 10th, Morwellham Quay

Today, we have been to Morwellham Quay. There in the museum of Victorian clothes we tried on some costumes : the skirts were heavy but it was very funny !

Marine Etienne

Today, we have visited a Victorian village where a mine was. We saw this mine in a wagon and a guide explained to us the working conditions of the miners. It was very interesting and funny.

Mathilde Da Silva Nunes

We have learned to make a rope and we have played tug war (pulling the rope). After, we tried on old costumes and we did a harlem shake. We took the train and we went to the copper mine. It was very interesting. We had a lesson like in the Victorian times, in an old school.

Alice Bicquet and Alix Pham

Day 5 : Wednesday April 10th, The Dartmoor

Today we went to the Dartmoor : it is a natural park. As it was raining and cold we couldn’t see the landscape, the poneys and the most important the tor (a big rock) called Haytor, so we went to a shopping center and we played a game : we had to find objects and their prices in the shops.

Marie Gaultier

This afternoon we went to the Dartmoor, a big national park, where the army organizes a challenge for teenagers each year. Unfortunately it was raining and we couldn’t see the lanscapes. We decided to go to a mall (i.e. shopping center) with some questions to answer. We did some shopping too !

Heloise Cao


Photos de Benjamim Gondange

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  • Cornwall and Devon

    Avril 2013, par

    La curiosite avance, L’anglais progresse... mission accomplie, bon voyage de retour et a demain, . merci enocre aux professeurs. Catherine Biquet

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  • Cornwall and Devon

    Avril 2013, par

    Merci pour toutes ces nouvelles qui nous permettent de voyager avec vous !

    Bravo aux 3C d’être arrivées troisième au rallye maths !!! Rendez-vous le 28 mai pour la remise des prix.

    Bon retour à tous et bonnes vacances !

    Une prof anonyme(!) très fière de ses élèves.

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