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Publié : 12 avril 2013

Cornwall and Devon

Day 6, Thursday, April 12th Galstonbury, Portsmouth, and trip

During the morning, we visited Glastonbury Abbey. It is an interesting abbey and is the biggest of England. The legend of the tree was a man who climbed on an island and who planted his stick and a tree grew.

Simon Raymond André

Today, we have visited Glastonbury Abbey. It was very interesting. It was the biggest abbey of England. We saw the grave of the legendary King Arthur. Now, it is in ruins but the site is beautiful.

Benoît Linais

Today we visited Glastonbury Abbey. It is the biggest abbey of England. It is the first Christian community in the British Isles. We saw the place where the tomb of King Arthur and his wife was. All the site is in ruins but it is really wonderful.

Pierre Bleuzen

Today we visited Glastonbury Abbey. When we arrived, the bus driver accidentally bumped into a car. After, we visited the ruins of the abbey. It was the biggest abbey in all England. And we also saw King Arthur’s grave. We took some photos of the group and of the teachers. Later, we walked around the town and bought some souvenirs in a shop.

Mathieu S.

At 8 pm, we went to the port of Portsmouth. Then I took a blanket in the boot and we all looked at photographies of Audrey. At 11 pm we embarked on the ferry. We slept in the Horizon Lounge but most of the students were excited and didn’t want to sleep. At 11.30 pm, the teachers asked us to sleep. We woke up at 6 am (English time). We drank hot chocolate, ate white bread and croissants. At 7 am we arrived at Le Havre. The we took the bus and we arrived at 1 pm at Saint Avertin.

Valentine Estève

We went on board at 11 pm (local time). Just before Pauline, Alison, Pierre, Simon R. and I were controled by the customs officers. They searched our suitcases ! After (on the ship), I tried to learn how to play [French suited] tarot and I won at "President" (a game). I went to sleep at 2pm (English time). In the morning, we had breakfast on the boat. We drank hot chocolate, orange juice...

Simon Hémar

Photos de Benjamin Gondange